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Alessandro Fried, founder and chairman of BtoBet has participated in WRB Africa in Nairobi on 7th June to share his point of view about the change that African Sports betting is living through today.

Afrobet, a promising gambling company of Kenya, announces its partnership with BtoBet to launch its Tucheze brand.

Important dialogues about the most recent normative concerning the Italian gaming market and the trade´s new trends have been hold during ENADA Rome show.

In conformity with the regulations imposed by ADM - Authority of Customs and Monopoly – BtoBet’s platform will assist Italian operators to ride the new business opportunities in the .IT

The evolving gambling market has been requiring high technology solutions to attract the attention of players, to retain their loyalty and to stay competitive. The Artificial Intelligence has been confirmed to be crucial for the industry during this year and BtoBet is ready to export its cleaver...

Recent researches predicted that 40% of data centers will be outsourced by 2019, this reveals the skill set within an in-house team are changing radically.
The popularity of traditional bulky servers has diminished significantly over the last few years as the benefits of Cloud servers have...