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The betstudios sportsbook is our flagship product that encompasses all the features required to operate a sports betting service. We acknowledged from the very start that clients have different ways of handling their sports betting business and our product reflects this concept in its extensive flexibility. The solution is available in a number of ways, including:

  • Fully managed. In this configuration, the client wants to focus on the business side of things, leaving the trading, event management and risk management to us. This frees up time and resources, allowing the client to concentrate on other things.
  • Semi managed. The client may decide to intervene on certain events, changing odds or disabling markets. This configuration also allows the client to be more proactive in matters of risk management.
  • Fully autonomous. This type of set up is ideal for the experts who wish to handle all the aspects of the business, usually having their own trading and risk management teams.

These are some of the features and functionality that comes with our sportsbook application:

  • Most prematch and live events available
  • Mobile betting
  • Betting shop solutions
  • Advanced risk management modules
  • Hundreds of markets
  • Market derivation software
  • Entirely customised user interface
  • Multiple languages and ability to easily add more with our translation software
  • Multi-currency
  • Various widgets of the customer interface
  • Frequent updates and innovations
  • Advanced multilingual and user-friendly backoffice