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With over 10 years of gaming experience, Axiomtek Gaming, the dedicated engineering team of Axiomtek Co. Ltd., specializes in the Gaming Market for casinos, amusement, lottery, sports betting, and more.  Axiomtek Gaming offers standard off-the-shelf embedded and all-in-one gaming boards for Slot Machines, VLT, Electronic Table Games, Pachislot/Pachinko, Italian AWP/AWP+, Player Tracking Systems, Arcade Gaming, among others.  We can also assist in the customization of Logic Boards/Boxes to fit the targeted jurisdictions.
Axiomtek Gaming recognizes and follows the ever changing nature of gaming regulations to stay ahead of the game and create added value for our customers. Products are designed with Intel®, AMD, and RISC platforms to create solutions that cover a spectrum of gaming possibilities. The team is located in its headquarters in Taiwan and is comprised of dedicated electrical engineers, system engineers, and product managers.