Jackpot System

Amatic Industries GmbH

Jackpot System

More Chances, maximum excitement!

AMATIC offers various kinds of Jackpot solutions that increase both attraction and winning possibilities. The linkage of gaming machines to a progressive, serial Jackpot offers the player a maximum of excitement and guarantees best Casino atmosphere.

Starting from local “Stand Alone”-Jackpots with just a few connected machines up to larger Jackpots of wide areas, AMATIC offers also so called “Mystery Jackpots” which can be promoted and hit in all participating machines and devices. Currently the AMATIC 3- and 4 level Jackpot solutions ("Micro-, Mini, Cash- and Megapot") are very polpular and often installed. All systems work with integrated SAS-Protocol.

Any Jackpot rises with each bet. The current amount a player is gambling for is visible on the display of every participating machine. When the Jackpot is hit, a striking win animation starts on the screen and the winning amount is transferred to the credit of the related machine.

The AMATIC Casino Management System includes several Jackpot solutions, each of them individually manageable according customer-requirement to maximize the