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AMANET - AMATIC's Online Gaming

Anytime, anywhere and on any device

AMATIC brings its long-lasting gaming experience in creating games from land-based to the interactive gaming business with AMANET. As a reliable partner, AMATIC has established itself as an internationally successful gaming product...

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Jackpot System

More Chances, maximum excitement!

AMATIC offers various kinds of Jackpot solutions that increase both attraction and winning possibilities. The linkage of gaming machines to a progressive, serial Jackpot offers the player a maximum of excitement and guarantees best...

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Amarox C24

The future is now!

The AMAROX C24 is the newest member of the Performer cabinet family. It has been inspired by the curved design from the successful Performer Grand Arc. The C24 is an outstanding option for any gaming floor. As it is an upright machine, it attracts even...

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Roulette Grand Jeu Double

Double action - Double profit

Roulette Grand Jeu Double is the superior Multiplayer solution from AMATIC due to its two wheels and its breath-taking design.

Players can bet on one or two wheels at the same time. This doubles both excitement and fun and maximizes...

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Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX

Masterful design, built to last

Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX is the ultimate electronic roulette solution from AMATIC. It enables players to participate in a live roulette game from the privacy and comfort of individual video terminals. The 24HX configuration provides space...

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