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Advansys is committed to development of top-of-the-line IT systems for gaming industry. On a global scale, Advansys ranks among the most successful companies producing integrated Casino Management Systems for slot machines and gaming tables. With extensive experience in the gaming industry and a wide spread knowledge in IT systems, Advansys brings together the best of the two worlds. Advansys excels in reliability, modularity and scalability. The company's products are developed and produced in Slovenia-EU and tested in co-operation with the customers in the most demanding gaming environments. Advansys has extensive experience with markets where On-line systems are required by national regulation. In some of these countries Advansys market share exceeds 60%. More than 22.000 modules of different Advansys products are currently installed on more than 10.000 slots, allocated around more than 120 gaming floors worldwide. Furthermore Advansys builds its market success on extremely competitive priceperformance ratio of its products and services. Advansys dedicates also special attention to customer relations. Besides offering professional maintenance around the clock throughout the year, the company also assures regular consulting to its customers. It grants optimal support to business processes with the FloorScanner Casino Management System, which can be upgraded according to the customer's needs and wishes. FloorScanner is a Casino Management System (CMS) that improves management of the casino floor from the operational, marketing and supervision perspective, enhances casino profitability and increases player retention. Slots, tables or both can be connected and seamlessly integrated in one comprehensive and user friendly IT solution that caters to casino needs as its business grows. FloorScanner works independantly of the geographical location and size of casino operation, number of connected venues, distance between them and floor configuration. The FloorScanner CMS consists of the SlotScanner and TableScanner sub-systems. SlotScanner is a Slot Management System (On-line) and provides optimization and automatization of processes connected with slot machines. Available modules of SlotScanner are: - Accounting & Cage, - Ticketing, - Player Tracking, - Progressive and Mystery Jackpots, - CashLess, Money Tracking and - Casino Reception. TableScanner is a Table Management System (On-line) developed to manage processes connected with table games (roulettes, cards, craps). With TableScanner casino will get all the financial reports needed, statistics and possibility to evaluate their players. Available modules of TableScanner are: - Accounting & Cage, - Player Tracking, - Poker Tournament System with mobile interface, - Casino Reception and - Table Display System. Advansys products meets requirements of most demanding casino jurisdictions including those where casino management systems (CMS) are required by law, such as Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia and Peru. Advansys products meet GLI-12, GLI-13 and GLI-18 technical requirements.