Is the current bonus structure to blame for the gambling industry losing trust?

A recent Gambling Commission survey has noted a plummet in consumer confidence in the gambling industry. What do you think is the biggest cause behind this?

Confusing sign-up bonus conditions
49% (55 votes)
Over saturation of gambling advertising on TV
19% (21 votes)
FOBTs and the campaign against them
16% (18 votes)
Perceived association with crime
10% (11 votes)
The incidence of problem gambling
5% (6 votes)
Clustering of gambling establishments
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 113
Poll availability: 
Monday, March 27, 2017 to Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Will the Olympics ever be a major betting event?

Will the Olympics ever appeal to sports bettors?

No, it's just not engaging enough for a sports betting customer
64% (21 votes)
Yes, its a high quality competition with extensive viewership
36% (12 votes)
Total votes: 33
Poll availability: 
Wednesday, August 10, 2016 to Friday, September 9, 2016

Is experience of failure (and its lessons) necessary to make the best leaders?

Is failure a necessary experience for the best leaders?

Yes, The best leaders have all failed at some point and learned
38% (3 votes)
No, but it is a very useful experience for a leader to have had
38% (3 votes)
Not at all; you can be a good leader without it
25% (2 votes)
Total votes: 8
Poll availability: 
Wednesday, August 3, 2016 to Friday, September 2, 2016

Should William Hill jump in with 888 and Rank?

888 Holdings and Rank Group have formed a consortium with an eye on merging with William Hill to create a huge gambling operator. But does such a deal make sense?

No - The merger of three operators like this would just be too complicated
58% (7 votes)
Maybe - There is definite potential there, but hard to say without more detail
25% (3 votes)
Yes - It's a great deal for William Hill to regain some much needed vision
17% (2 votes)
Total votes: 12
Poll availability: 
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 to Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How central is a vibrant US market to the success of DFS internationally?

DFS exploded in the US, but has since hit legal turmoil. Can the product survive in other markets without a vibrant US industry?

Yes, DFS is a strong product no matter what the market
48% (12 votes)
Only in other markets where online gambling is restricted
28% (7 votes)
No, the US gives DFS the backbone and the credibility it would otherwise lack
24% (6 votes)
Total votes: 25
Poll availability: 
Wednesday, July 20, 2016 to Friday, August 19, 2016

Are more restrictions required for skin betting?

Skin betting in esports has developed organically, where the fans can bet in-game items (with real world value) on the outcome of a match. It is popular, but not subject to some of the controls that cash betting faces. 

Yes, a regulator has to step in
63% (5 votes)
Yes, but the industry should do it themeslves
38% (3 votes)
No, the whole thing is overblown
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 8
Poll availability: 
Wednesday, July 6, 2016 to Friday, August 5, 2016



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