New gaming trade association established in Sweden

New gaming trade association established in Sweden

Monday, May 22, 2017
Sper CEO, Jenny Nilzon

Swedish ethics council, Speletiska Rådet (Sper), has been transformed into a trade association tasked with representing the country’s regulated gaming market.

Sper had been an ethical council for around 15 years, with a mission to give guidance around marketing and consumer protection to its members – principally regulated gaming operators.

Discussing the shift in the group’s focus, Sper CEO Jenny Nilzon told “During past last year, our members’ demand for Sper to work with a wider range issues has increased, and at the same time the reputation of the gaming industry has decreased.

“Sper decided to meet this demand and take greater responsibility for the situation. To be able to do this, the ethical council had to be transformed into an association.”

Nilzon added: “The goals are to take control of and represent the entire market and co-operate more focused with important decision makers and stakeholders. With new bylaws, the mission is possible, and a new small organisation will be operationally responsible.

The group’s full name has been changed to Spelbranschens Riksorganisation (Swedish National Gambling Association), although the abbreviation ‘Sper’ will continue to be used.

Discussing the importance of collaboration among Swedish gaming stakeholders, Nilzon said: “We need to work together to be able to prove to politicians that we are responsible, and to change the negative reputation and trend in which we are seeing less people play. This is the only way for the market to co-operate.

“We will continue to work with ethical guidelines and prove that the industry can self-regulate itself even after the re-regulation.”

Totally Gaming says: The Swedish gaming industry is currently experiencing a spate of new legislation and re-regulation. Although the team behind the newly-remodelled Sper has plenty to do, the establishment of the new trade association will no doubt help facilitate crucial dialogue between industry stakeholders during these times of change.


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