to sponsor HellRaisers eSports team to sponsor HellRaisers eSports team

Monday, July 17, 2017 Posted by James Walker
The sportsbook operator will offer bet boosts on matches featuring HellRaisers continues to show its support for the burgeoning eSports industry, after agreeing a major new sponsorship deal with world top 20 side, HellRaisers.

The bitcoin-led sportsbook operator will offer customers bet boosts on eSports matches featuring HellRaisers throughout the 12-month deal, as well as promoting competitions for skins.

Dias Ismailov, head of eSports at parent company, Coingaming Group, told “This partnership with HellRaisers will allow us to continue our support for the burgeoning eSports industry, as we look to further its growth by supporting teams, competitions and the passionate fans who make it what it is.

“We share a similar goal as HellRaisers: growing eSports’ profile on the global stage. Through investment in our products and the industry as a whole, we believe we can take eSports into the popular mainstream where it deserves to be.”

Aleksey “XAOC” Kucherov, CEO at HellRaisers, described the decision to accept sponsorship from as a “conscious one”.

“We believe that by betting with our fans will not only support HellRaisers, but also the entire Esports industry that we all love,” Kucherov said.

Totally Gaming says: By offering bet bonuses on eSports games involving HellRaisers, has signalled its intention to embrace the sponsorship with the team for its full worth. The potential of this sponsorship is elevated for, as Hellraisers is made up of players from Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary, meaning they will be watched and supported from all across the globe – something that can allow an unmatched opportunity to extend their brand to a wider audience.

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