ICE: ‘Don’t go for a Maserati’ when designing a gaming app, developers told

ICE: ‘Don’t go for a Maserati’ when designing a gaming app, developers told

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The most common mistake that developers tend to make while building in-game applications is to consider the issue of performance far too late in the process, according to Jeremy Gidlow, CEO of the IT performance experts Intechnica.

Gidlow argued that the automatic focus on functionality when building  an application is flawed, with the dream of developing an app that’s comparable to a Maserati sports car often leaving developers in the slow lane.

“The first building block is security, then above that comes availability and performance,” he said at ICE Totally Gaming.

“The reason for having this order is that it affects all people, yet when it gets to functionality and appearance of a system it only affects a certain group of people.”

One of the major challenges in building a top-performing app is not to be slow.

Gidlow revealed that the latest research indicates that 85 per cent of users expect mobile to be as fast or faster than desktop, so an acceptable application’s response time is considered to be between one and three seconds.

“If you got more than seven seconds, you lost your customer’s engagement,” Gidlow added. “We also found that shaving off 0.4 seconds of the response time could bring revenue of £3.4m per year.”

Another challenge is to deal with the complexity of the system and delivering it to a large number of different devices.

“While designing your product, bear in mind that each device has its own performing characteristics that need to be adjusted in your application,” he added.

“You should also think of that the data should be easily synchronised across various platforms.

“Usually what we set out to achieve in designing a new system is a Maserati – a beautiful, but not necessary reliable option. But what you typically get at the end is not performed very well and you try to fix it when it is far too late for that.

“Don’t do that. Instead, go for a nice middle-road, good and solid experience, like BMW, and start to test your app from the start to make sure that it behaves exactly as it was designed to be.”


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