#twitterlygaming - Pie Gate Special

#twitterlygaming - Pie Gate Special

Friday, February 24, 2017
Wayne Shaw ate a pie and the world went mad

You’ll have had to been living under a rock if you’re yet to hear of #PieGate. The sad ending to the Sutton United FA Cup story stars reserve team keeper Wayne Shaw after he decided to eat a pie on the sidelines. In actual fact it was a pasty, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

This would have only resulted in a few memes and still some limited internet fame, but for some ‘light hearted PR’ SunBets had offered an 8/1 novelty bet for him to chow down on a pie during the game. The 45 year old keeper has since parted ways with the club.

The world of social media subsequently lost their minds, and an official investigation into the event is underway. Meanwhile Subbuteo capitalised on the situation masterfully….

The furore that emerged in the wake of Piegate was quite something, and a number of people saw it as football needing to take a look in the mirror.

Andy Barrett tweeted: Football.. A place where you...Can't wear a poppy. Can't eat a pie. But you can steal Mi££ions and Run Football for 17 yrs #piegate

Whilst some critiqued the situation and the response to it, others took to defending the keeper with some taking a more light hearted approach (we think) of suggesting the Wayne should grace the cover of FIFA 18.

Even Piers Morgan got involved and had a say. And a pasty. 

You had to look hard but there was other news besides #PIEGATE this week. Did anyone place a bet on Ranieri being sacked? People were rightly outraged at the Leicester City owners’ decision to sack their Premier League winner Italian.

Online gambling analyst Alun tweeted: "Hang on a minute. Do Leicester think they were supposed to win the league last year?"

The Political Gambler, aka Paul Krishnamurty pro gambler and journalist , ran a poll on Twitter on Friday morning to gauge the Twittersphere’s feelings on whether Nuttall or Corbyn would be first to go. After 73 votes, there’d been 71% of votes for the UKIP candidate.


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