Advantech launches latest casino gaming platform

Advantech launches latest casino gaming platform

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Posted by James Walker
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The technology company is raising the performance bar with the DPX-S445

Advantech-Innocore, an established leader in specialised computer platforms for casino gaming and lottery, has announced the latest addition to its highly successful DPX S product series, the DPX-S445.

Based on the new Intel 7th generation high-performance embedded platform, the DPX-S445 gives gaming OEMs the processing power to enable the next generation of gaming machines.

The single-board integrated solution has a full feature set of I/O, COMs, storage and advanced security designed specifically for the gaming industry.

Three independent monitors are supported via three DisplayPort 1.2 DP++ ports. For even higher performance, the standard PCI-Express graphics card slot allows the DPX-S445 to support the latest graphics cards for up to eight additional displays and cutting-edge visual technologies.

Featuring the Intel 7th plus 6th generation Core-I CPUs the DPX-S445 provides more speed, increased responsiveness and added security. The Intel Embedded platform, which has a processor lifecycle of up to 10 years, ensures customers a long-lived and future ready platform.

Discussing the launch of Advantech’s latest platform, product director Craig Stapleton told “The DPX-S445 was in development for about eight months. We worked closely with several of our key gaming equipment OEM customers, as well as Intel and their business development team for gaming.

“One of the features of this Intel platform that make is especially suitable for gaming applications are the high level of performance and scalability using desktop CPUs in the range from Celeron through Core i3, core i5 right up to core i7.

“There is a performance and price level for every application and the top end performance is more than enough for the most demanding next generation of gaming machines.”

Stapleton added: “Another very important feature is the support for Windows 7. Many of our customers have a massive development invested in Windows 7-based products. To move their games to Windows 10 is a long project, including recertification with the regulators.

“If they are not ready to do that at this time then the DPX-S445 is the ideal platform being the last embedded platform (from Intel or AMD) that has windows 7 support. So the customer gets the benefits of 10 years lifecycle and availability starting today without having to move to a new operating system.”

Totally Gaming says: As the latest member of the proven DPX-S series, the DPX-S445 is backwards compatible with previous models. The long lifecycle and backwards compatibility ensures customers that they can move to new technology on their own terms rather than being pushed along.


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