TRP channel to get greyhound racing boost

TRP channel to get greyhound racing boost

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Posted by Joseph Streeter
The deal will commence on the 1st of January 2018

The Racing Partnership’s (TRP) television channel, which provides content to high street betting shops, is to be boosted by the inclusion of greyhound racing from 1st January 2018.

Through the agreement with the Bookmakers Technology Consortium (BTC) and Arena Racing Company (ARC) 1,619 fixtures from 12 tracks will be included in the coverage.

Howard Chisholm, director at Bookmaker Technology Consortium, told  “The deal between BTC and ARC enables greyhound racing from the tracks listed to be shown on the TRP channel.  

“Without a contract to provide racing to the betting shops many of these tracks will face an uncertain future.  All, with the exception of Towcester, presently provide racing to betting shops via contracts with BAGS (Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service) and this provides them with much needed income.”

There are around 1,500 shops subscribing to the TRP channel, without these shops subscribing it is possible that the service from these tracks will cease from 1st January 2018 when the present distribution agreement between BAGS and SIS (Sports Information Services) ceases.

Chisholm continued: “The major difference here is that ARC must consult with BTC before any content is added to the TRP channel.  Thus the bookmakers who are members of BTC can ensure that the content carried on TRP is acceptable to independent bookmakers.”

Chisholm said the partnership was in stark contrast to that with SIS, which can add content and its additional cost without consultation with the independents .

“The partnership between BTC and ARC has been in place for a year and works extremely well. In the past BTC and ARC have agreed for greyhound racing from Towcester to be included in the TRP channel and it is probably that as good quality content which is viable for the betting shops becomes available, then more content will be added.”

Mark Kingston, director of TRP, was also full of praise for the deal, telling  “This was very important because bookmakers, like those represented by the BTC, want continued coverage of fixtures from these trusted and familiar tracks.  Without this deal, they would lose tracks like Nottingham, Sheffield and Belle Vue from the service they provide in their shops.

“The fixtures will stand out (from alternative services) precisely because they are from tried and tested tracks that betting shop customers are familiar with and have been betting on for decades.”

Before hinting at possible future expansion:  “That’s entirely possible and it’s also possible that we will provide more fixtures from the same tracks.”

The 12 tracks concerned with this new deal are Belle Vue, Kinsley, Newcastle, Nottingham, Perry Barr, Peterborough, Poole, Sheffield, Sunderland, Swindon, Towcester and Yarmouth.

Totally Gaming says:  With this new deal customers and bookmakers alike will get trusted greyhound coverage, something that was previously in major doubt. Given the popularity of dog racing amongst betting shop customers, the independent bookmakers can now concentrate on building the sport’s audience amongst their customer base.



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