Game 2 Watch Profile: Gamevy

Game 2 Watch Profile: Gamevy

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Last year's Game 2 Watch winner and 2015 Pitch ICE winner, Gamevy, is back to pitch at this year's Game 2 Watch competition with their latest game "Be the King". The instant win game with strategy and real player choices was developed purely for Leo Vegas, aligning with their belief in creating games that are truly bespoke for an operator. Heading the pitch will be the company's Chief Commercial Officer, Helen Walton.

Gamevy has shown significant growth since winning Pitch ICE at the start of 2015 and have entertained ICE visitors with their quirky marketing campaigns on the show floor, from men in pink platform heels in 2016 to 86 year old groovy grannies at this year's show (pictured). Don't miss their pitch at The Game to Watch Competition at 5pm in the Platinum Suite and visit them on stand N2-320.


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