W2 Global Data

W2 Global Data


AMLchecker™ is a web based desktop application for the verification of consumers
and corporates in line with the EU Money Laundering Directives. AMLchecker™ has
been designed specifically for the SME sector providing simple transactional pricing
to perform ‘single searches’...



Is KYC continuity critical to your business?

Today we find ourselves in a world where your consumer and corporate customers want to transact, play and conduct business online 24hours a day, 365 days a year. This can be across multiple jurisdictions and time...

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SAVI (Screen And Verify Identity)

SAVI™ (Screen And Verify Identity) is a web based, desktop portal which allows users to interrogate a myriad of databases such as Sanctions & PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) on a ‘single search’ basis. SAVI™ delivers instant results for...

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BSMART (Batch Screening Monitoring And Reporting Tool)

BSMART™ (Batch Screening Monitoring And Reporting Tool) takes your customer records and performs routine, on-going screening and monitoring against the data sources of your choice such as:

• International Sanctions lists
• Senior Political Figures and Politically Exposed...

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KYCchecker™ is a highly configurable KYC, Age and Identity verification platform providing real time authentication using a fully integrated API gateway.
Our proprietary and powerful ‘Interpret’ decision engine enables us to match and score the results from the...

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Totally Gaming

TotallyGaming.com is the online community for the Gaming/Gambling industry. Access the world's leading gaming professionals though


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Easy Payment Gateway

EPG is a powerful one stop solution as a payment management suite that focuses on data enrichment, fraud prevention and successful