W2 Global Data

W2 Global Data

W2 Global Data (W2) provide a wide range of SaaS, online screening tools to help organisations conduct regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Fraud prevention due diligence. Services include ID and Age verification, PEP and Sanctions screening and device location or reputation management. 

W2 is a software enablement platform and has access to the world’s largest data providers to ensure that our clients get intuitive, real-time access to reliable, up to date information. We aggregate data and ancillary services from a wide spectrum of suppliers such as Dow Jones, Veridu, Equifax, Paycasso, Experian, Creditsafe and Lexis Nexis so that organisations can have a single point of integration to a myriad of data sources and service providers.

W2 are data agnostic so you can choose which service providers you want to access, and in whatever sequence makes the most commercial sense. Our customers drive the journey for their customers, simplifying customer acquisition and ensuring business continuity through our supplier redundancy and dynamic workflow protocols.


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