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Empowered by Blockchain technology, Quanta is the innovative lottery platform where human intervention is merely impossible.
The combined power of distributed ledger system, Ethereum platform and smart contract among other spearheading technologies
is supported by a strong network of computers around the world, promising ultimate fairness and equity for stakeholders including players and companies. Made possible and fully automated through distributed network, Quanta refrains from failure or bankruptcy risks.
Simultaneously, Quanta ushers a new protocol which transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

Distil Networks

Distil Networks, the global leader in bot detection and mitigation, is the only easy and accurate way to protect web applications from bad


e2c provides gaming platform and IO control solutions for all segments of the gaming market. Our products are built on a powerful


Founded in 2008, Finnplay is a privately owned Gaming platform provider, which specializes in affordable and customized, truly open

Infinity Gaming Solutions

 The next generation of gaming platform and licensing solutions for start up and early stage gaming businesses.  Traditionally