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inpay is an extra online payment option enabling customers to pay using their online bank. By offering instant payment with global coverage, inpay is a strong and unique bank payment option. Furthermore, inpay works in local currency and offers local language support in more than 40 countries. With inpay the bank transfers are registered instantly for more than 850 million online bank users world wide. Customers whose bank is not yet part of the inpay network can still use inpay, and payment will then be registered within 24 hours. Integrating with inpay is very easy, and the robust backend system offers a full range of functionalities such as real time reporting, seamless currency conversion and withdrawals. All inpay transactions are bank transfers which means no risk of chargebacks with inpay you stay paid when you get paid! inpay is competitively priced and is also offered as a white label solution for large merchants and PSPs.


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