Gold Club

We are a growing, ambitious company that creates innovative electronic roulette and slot machine products

Historically, the company has specialised in the manufacturing of intelligent automated electronic roulettes and video slot machines. All products are internally developed using processes that we continually improve, upgrade and change.

The company's competitive advantage is mostly reflected in its flexibility, rapid adaptability and innovative technology.

Persistence and dedication has transformed Gold Club from a conventional follower into a trendsetter in technology and design, that have now positioned the company among the top gaming machine manufacturers in the world. Its successful financial performance and rapid growth is the result of the implementation of a clearly defined strategic direction utilising the latest solutions in human capital, industrial design and software development

Vector Cabinet Kft.

Our company deals with design and manufacturing of metallic and wooden cabinets, covers and cases for several electronic equipment since

Elbet d.o.o.

Elbet was founded in Belgrade, Serbia in 2002 as a technology company specializing in development of both software and hardware solutions

Amatic Industries GmbH

AMATIC Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium gaming solutions. The company is specialized in the development of

Asset Group/GameService

Gameservice has been producing high-tech slot machines and internet terminals. In its structures the company has been using components of