For more than 15 years, Emmegierre has been an expert in producing high-technological chairs and innovative design for casinos, Video lottery rooms and slot machines, but also in manufacturing chairs and stools for cafés, bars and your home.
Thanks to our experience and endless innovation, our products have an amazing quality-price ratio, so we can offer you many customized solutions for every need and budget.

Emmegierre’s products are projected, developed and realized following the Made-in-Italy style, our best ideas of design and ergonomics.What permits us to create high-technological, certified and guaranteed stools, is our attention to materials, a visible supply chain and our high-level competence.

The key element of our furnishing is the UNBEATABLE PRICE, the excellent quality and the warranty of our products.
Our professionalism and availability make us 100% flexible in respect of our customers’ demand: from structural changes due to particular requests to delivery time (we are the fastest in Italy!).

Thanks to the fusion among creativity, innovation, design, quality, durability and security we are our customers’ reference point.

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